Custom Production

We produces not only common actuators but also custom projects for its exclusive partners.

Special Case

Product Name : VIOELEGANCE
Brand Name    : LYKE

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Meplast accomplished lots of projects until now, one of them were either multifunctional or beauty actuator which is called Elegance and deserves its name beyond any doubt. The story of elegance was that, when one of our customer came to made us actuator which should be unique in terms of both usage and  beauty.

We tried to recognise what they wanted to have. Actually, they were not aware of what they want but it was certain that, they were demanding something spectacular in every respect. After all debating about this beyond perfect actuator, the thing was, we have to constitute an over dreams, multifunctional actuator. And.. We could achieve it in a short time. As far as you can predict, it is ELEGANCE..

Viocap Custom Valve Production

If you prefer us to have stylish, in fashion design actuators as tailor made We’ll be talking about your story of actuator and your huge revenue in the near future. Why don’t you wait in vain? Have a meeting with Meplast,


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