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Vioshark Gel

52mm shaving gel actuator with overcap

Vioyoung is a 52mm actuator with a unique and stylish design. It consists of two parts: a body and a trigger. The body and trigger are available in a range of colors, allowing for customization to match your product. Vioyoung does not require an overcap due to its design, but it can be used if desired. Vioyoung fits on 52mm tinplate cans and 53mm aluminum transfer cans. With its customizable color options and durable design, Vioyoung is an effective and eye-catching solution for your aerosol dispensing needs.

Available Cans

52mm tinplate, 53mm aluminum transfer shoulder

Available Shoulders

52mm tinplate, 53mm aluminum transfer shoulder

Customizable Color

Customize your shaving experience with Viocap's latest shaving foam actuator, Vioshark. Embrace the sleek and lean design of our new Vioshark, offering a heightened shaving sensation. What sets Vioshark apart is the freedom to personalize your grooming essentials by choosing different colors for the cap and the actuator. Tailor your shaving gel dispenser to match your style or brand aesthetics with our versatile color options. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant look or a more understated elegance, Vioshark lets you express yourself through customization. Elevate your shaving routine with a touch of individuality – because your grooming tools should reflect your unique taste.

Viosharkgel New

Viosharkgel New

Vioshark is a 52mm shaving foam actuator with an aggressive, shark-like design. It has two overcap options: elliptical and flat. 

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