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spray actuator with overcap

Consisting of three parts; body, trigger, and the clear over cap. The perfect color combination of trigger and body makes the difference in the aerosol can.

Available Cans

Fits on mounting cup

Available Shoulders

Ogival Shoulder (no short skirt)


Customize Color

Viocolours is a 3-part actuator consisting of a body, trigger, and overcap. It is available in a range of colors, and the overcap can be finished in matte or glossy. The transparency of the overcap can also be adjusted from transparent, colored transparent, to opaque. 

Kutulu Viocolours

Customizable Options

Viocolours fits on the mounting cup of the aerosol valve and is designed for use with round shoulder aluminum cans. With its customizable options and reliable performance, Viocolours is a great choice for your aerosol dispensing needs.

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