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Who we are?

MEPLAST founded in 1991 at Istanbul, Turkey as an injection moulding contract manufacturing company providing service for multiple industries based on the expertise of the founders in a modest facility. Meplast moved to its current location in 1999. 

In 2002, Meplast launched its first product line of simple aerosol caps and closures for several diameters under the trademark name of VIOCAP. Today, VIOCAP is one of the most influential aerosol dispensing solution partners in Europe, exporting its goods to more than 30 countries globally, and supplying a variety of industries.

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Becoming the benchmark aerosol dispensing solutions partner by providing our business partners with the most innovative solutions for their needs while being cutting edge and environmentally responsible.


Our mission is to target tomorrow’s excellence by strengthening synergy generated by the unity of its customers, suppliers, dynamic personnel and innovative management approach.


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Agile Production Processes

We prioritize the implementation of flexible production processes that can quickly adjust to changing customer requirements and market trends. By integrating advanced technologies and lean manufacturing principles, we optimize our operations for efficiency, minimize lead times, and deliver superiorquality products on time.

Customized Solutions

Our commitment to flexibility means offering tailored solutions to our customers. We actively engage in collaborative partnerships, listening to their specific needs and requirements. By providing customized products and services, we not only meet their expectations but exceed them, forging lasting relationships and establishing ourselves as a trusted partner.

Adaptable Supply Chain Management

In a dynamic industry like ours, supply chain agility is crucial. We embrace flexibility in our supply chain management, forging strong relationships with our suppliers and exploring alternative sourcing options. This ensures uninterrupted production, mitigates risks, and allows us to respond swiftly to any unforeseen challenges or disruptions.

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Product Performance

The performance of aerosol products heavily relies on the quality of the plastic components. Whether it is the valve housing, actuator, or cap, any compromise in quality can lead to product malfunctions, leakage, or even safety hazards. By prioritizing quality, we ensure that our products meet or exceed industry standards, providing a seamless user experience and instilling confidence in our customers.

Viocap Safety

Safety and Compliance

Aerosol products often contain flammable or hazardous substances. Therefore, ensuring the quality and integrity of plastic components is crucial to prevent accidents, leaks, or contamination. By adhering to strict quality control processes, we maintain compliance with safety regulations and standards, mitigating potential risks and safeguarding the well-being of end-users.

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Customer Service

As a family-owned company, we understand the significance of maintaining strong relationships with our customers. We prioritize open and transparent communication, actively seeking their feedback and striving to meet their unique needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is deeply ingrained in our values, and we go above and beyond to provide personalized solutions and deliver excellence at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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Excellence is the cornerstone of our plastic manufacturing operations in the aerosol industry. It drives our commitment to superior product quality, innovation, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, employee engagement, environmental responsibility, and industry leadership. By consistently striving for excellence in all aspects of our business, we ensure long-term success and make a positive impact in the industry we serve.

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Our identity as a family-owned company is not just a title, but a testament to our unwavering commitment to our team, customers, and industry. It is this unique combination of family values, long-term perspective, innovation, accountability, and customer focus that fuels our success in the plastic manufacturing for the aerosol industry.

Together, as a family, we will continue to embrace our heritage, leverage our strengths, and shape a future of growth, resilience, and excellence

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We foster an environment that encourages innovative thinking, empowering every team member to contribute their ideas and perspectives. By embracing flexibility, we create a space for experimentation, continuous improvement, and the exploration of new materials, technologies, and sustainable practices.



Meplast founded as a contract manufacturing company


Meplast moved to its current location


First aerosol product line (caps & closures)


Foundation of VIOCAP brand


First aerosol actuator


Modernization and factory expansion


Aerosol Valve product line introduced


Aerosol Valve production expansion

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